VIAF 2015

Trio Ostade, prize winners of Upper Austria Prima la musica, in concert tomorrow!

This year’s prize winner of Upper Austria’s Prima la musica, the national music competition for youths, are Trio Ostade, comprised of three very young and promising musicians, namely, Magdalena Kraus (Violin/Viola), Alexander Falzberger (Clarinet), and Elias Gillesberger (Pianoforte). They will be performing a most interesting programme of works by Mozart, Bruch, Milhaud, Khachaturian, and Schoenfield.

Concert will be held at the Aula Mgr G. Farrugia, and starts at 8pm.

Trio Ostade is a piano Trio with musicians coming from different parts of Upper Austria. All three performers study at the famous Anton Bruckner Privat Universität. Violinst/violist Magdalena Kraus is under the tuition of Josef Sabaini, clarinettist Alexander Falzberger receives tuition from Gerald Pachinger, and pianist Elias Gillesberger is in the class of Naoko Knopp.  Since 2011, they have been admitted to the prestigious Adalbert-Stifter Gymnasium for Music, Linz. All three are solo performers in their own right and have numerous accolades to their credit. They are also recipients of the well-known Prima la musica – Upper Austria Music Competition for Youths, at both national and federal level. Last March, they grouped as a Trio for the first time and their performances were notably singled out by Steinway Austria.

Victoria International Arts Festival is proud to acknowledge that one of the prizes awarded to winners of the Prima la musica Competition for Youths, Upper Austria, is participation in the Victoria International Arts Festival.  This is the eleventh time that Upper Austria has sent very promising, up-and-coming musicians to perform in the Victoria International Arts Festival. We look forward to continued collaboration between Upper Austria and our Festival