VIAF 2014

Time to say a big big thank you!

So much water has passed under the bridge since this year’s VIAF opening concert on Wednesday 11 June. So little would have been achieved had it not been for a group of reliable, intelligent and consistent young men and women who worked off-stage, as it were, and without whom the organization and logistical aspect of the Festival would not have been so smooth!

I am referring to David Camilleri, George Joseph Camilleri, Malcolm Camilleri, Anthony Camilleri, James Laurence Borg, Francis James Camilleri, George Charles Camilleri, Francis Borg, Marica Borg, Charlene Formosa, Julia Camilleri, and many more whose presence throughout the Festival and invaluable help and work carried out voluntarily, especially by David, George Joseph, Francis James and George Charles day in day out, contributed in no uncertain manner towards the success of this year’s 17th edition of our Festival.  

Thank you!!