VIAF 2013

The unusual in perfect sync!

Yesterday evening a sizeable audience was entertained in every sense of the word with a dazzling performance by Christophe Vella (Percussionist) and Laurent Peziere (Tuba Player). This rare combination of instruments resulted in a mesmerizing performance from both players, who made the most of their undoubted technical prowess and interpretative abilities to put on a show which was surely a first of its kind on the islands.

The virtuosity of Christophe Vella was in evidence right from the start. Whether performing on the timpani or the marimba, the drums or the smaller percussion instruments such as triangle and wood blocks, Christophe’s performance was nothing short of mind-blowing. With style, panache and sheer musicality he held the audience in thrall from start to finish.

Laurent Peziere is a Tuba player with a difference – he managed to endow the powerful potential of the instrument with a delicacy one associates with the elegance of a flute. The dynamic range of his interpretation was wide and deep and the very difficult shifts in tone and pitch betrayed a musicality that goes well beyond the reading of the notes.

The programme consisted of twentieth-century works, ranging from Piazzolla to Jarvis and Penderecki, yet each work was tackled with its own idiosynratic style and features so that no-one piece sounded like the other. This was certainly a concert the likes of which is not likely to be enjoyed every other day!!