VIAF 2014

Royal Conservatoire Brass of Edinburgh performing Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks and more …

The Festival’s organizers welcome back the Royal Conservatoire Brass from Edinburgh, an ensemble of top-notch musicians under the direction of John Logan. We all remember them from last year, when they regaled a very enthusiastic audience on the roof-top of Il-Ħaġar Heart of Gozo, the state-of-the-art museum of St George’s Basilica.

This year, on a special request by the ensemble, we are hosting them for two separate and different concerts. This evening they will be performing a programme of sacred works at St George’s Basilica, to include pieces by Warlock, Gabrieli, Vivaldi, Lauridsen, Bach and Verhelst. The concert will finish with the spectacular Music for the Royal Fireworks by Handel.

Later on, we will give you more details with regard to their open-air concert tomorrow.

For all lovers of brass ensembles, this is not an occasion to miss!  So, come along and join the fun.  Concert starts at 8pm.