VIAF 2016

Norwegian Aqua d’Or Saxophone Quartet on Monday 27 June

This year’s winners of the prestigious Norwegian Music Competition for Youths are the Aqua d’Or Saxophone Quartet, an ensemble comprised of Annie Elise Lundgreen (Soprano), Ayse Oezbal (Alto), Simen Kristoffer Hubschle (Tenor), Vegard Alstad Rukke (Baritone).  They will perform works by Grieg, Piazzolla, Gershwin, and more.

Aqua d’Or Saxphone Quartet is this year’s prize winner of the prestigious Norwegian Music Competition for Youths.  They trained both as soloists and chamber music performers at the Barratt Due Music Institute, Oslo, graduating with distinction, and are highly praised for their talent.  Despite their very young age, they have already performed extensively, both in their native Norway as well as across Scandinavia.  Participation in National Competitions has won the Ensemble accolades and glowing reviews from critics.  Future engagements this year will see them performing in Festivals and concerts in Strasbourg and Lübeck.  Their current teacher is Eli-Marie H. Davidsen.

Victoria International Arts Festival is proud to acknowledge that one of the prizes awarded to winners of the Norwegian Music Competition for Youths, is participation in the Victoria International Arts Festival.  This is the twelfth consecutive time that Norway has sent very promising, up-and-coming musicians to perform in the Victoria International Arts Festival.  We look forward to continued collaboration between Norway and VIAF.

The concert will be held at the Exhibition Hall, Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, and starts at 8pm. Not to be missed!!