VIAF 2013

Marini Ensemble delighted the audience!

Marini Ensemble delighted a very enthused audience on Friday 5 July, in a concert of works by Milhaud, Cherubini, Mozart, Glinka, and Rabl. Comprised of Roberto Meoni on the Clarinet, Marco Cosini on the Violini, Maurizio Fedi on the Bassoon and Alessandro Barneschi at the pianoforte, the quartet provided a varied and diverse programme that was so well received by the audience!

Displaying virtuosity on their respective instruments, the quartet combined in various formations (duos and trios) for their chosen repertoire. The lovely tones of the clarinet blended admirably with those of the bassoon and overall, the atmosphere created was one of colour, vibrancy and sturdy dynamic range.

Although the concert was rather long, you could hear a pin drop and the audience couldn’t get enough! The Quartet responded graciously and played an encore which was received with a thundering applause!