VIAF 2014

Joseph Vella in Vicenza …

VIAF Artistic Director Joseph Vella is in Vicenza, Italy, to preside over an adjudicating panel that will eventually see the best winner of the 4th International Competition ‘Mozart’ take part in the Debutants’ Concert of this year’s edition of the Victoria International Arts Festival. This concert will be on Thursday 10 July.

Vella’s new work, entitled Ramblings op. 137 is a set of five pieces for five solo instruments, namely, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and guitar. All of these five works will serve as the Test Piece in the Senior Section of the respective instruments. Apart from this, Vella’s Prelude no. 3 from his 6 Preludes for Pianoforte will also be the Test Piece in the Pianoforte section.

So, the winner of this year’s competition could be either a woodwind player, a string player to include also the guitar, or a pianist! We will know who this winner will be on Sunday.

Watch this space!