VIAF 2014

Italian Quartet, Etymos Ensemble, for this evening’s performance …

This evening, the Victoria International Arts Festival will host an Italian Quartet, Etymos Ensemble, comprised of Francesco Gatti (Flute), Tony Capula (Bass Clarinet), Matteo Cammisa (Vibraphone) and composer/leader Girolamo Deraco in a concert devoted entirely to the works of Deraco himself. In fact, the works performed in this evening’s concert have just been issued on CD, entitled Indaco, and is fast being voted the most eclectic CD issued this year in Italy.

Etymos Ensemble is a group of musicians whose eclectic performances are fast making them well-known both in their native Italy and beyond. The works performed in this evening’s concert are all by the Ensemble’s leader, Girolamo Deraco, and are collated in a new CD entitled Indaco which was released earlier this April. Apart from the aural, these works also include the visual aspect of musical gesture which brings it close to theatrical performance. Composer Girolamo Deraco defines this combination as MusicTheatre, an experience that creates immediate interaction with the audience. This new CD has generated tremendous interest in European Festivals and Music Academies. Forthcoming performances of these works will take Etymos Ensemble to Hungary, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin.