Chamber and Orchestral Concert: An Evening with Joseph Vella


Passacaglietta op. 9

                                    Christopher Nichols (Clarinet)

                                    Marie-Christine Delbeau (Pianoforte)

Trio Concertante op. 7

                                    Lisa Vaupel (Violin)

                                    John David Smith (Horn)

                                    Julie Nishimura (Pianoforte)

Il-Kebbies tal-Fanali op. 18

                                    Shari Feldman (Soprano)

                                    Marie-Christine Delbeau (Pianoforte)

Concerto Grosso op. 143

Molto moderato; Larghetto; Allegretto

                                    Julie Nishimura (Pianoforte)

                                    Joyce Chen (Harpsichord)

                                    Anne Sullivan (Harp)

                                    University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra

                                    James Allen Anderson (Conductor)

This evening’s event presents performances from two concerts of music by Joseph Vella. These two concerts were presented by faculty and students at the University of Delaware during Vella’s residency in April 2016. The presentation will include chamber works, performed by UD faculty as members of New Music Delaware, as well as an orchestral work, premiered by the University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr James Anderson.

New Music Delaware is a faculty concert series dedicated to the performance and promotion of new music. During its more than seventy-five years of history, it has brought world-renowned composers such as Aaron Copland, Vincent Perschetti and Michael Daugherty to the UD campus for concerts of their music.

The University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra is an 80-plus member auditioned ensemble. In addition to performing masterpieces and the works of contemporary composers, the orchestra frequently participates in domestic and international tours, including most recently, to Colombia, Israel and China.

Halfway through this evening’s concert, a wonderful surprise is in store for all viewers.