L. Prima (1910 – 1978)                                Sing, Sing, Sing

(arr. M. Gauci)

G. Gershwin (1898 – 1937)                          Summertime

(arr. J. Glensek Mortimer)

I. Berlin (1888 – 1989)                                  Alexander’s Ragtime Band

(arr. J. Red Mc Leod)

H. Kolasch (b. 1939)                                     Tom Jones in Concert

(arr. M. Gauci)

Trad. E.F. Rimbault (1816 – 1876)                 Oh, happy day

(arr. T.H. Graf)

G. Gershwin                                                   Nice Work If You Can Get It

I. Berlin                                                          Blue Skies

(arr. J. Jarvis)

A. Piazzolla (1921 – 1992)                             Libertango

(arr. H. Zellner)

J.P. Sousa (1854 – 1932)                                The Stars and Stripes Forever

(arr. M. Kingston)

Arr. A. Belli                                                     Swing the Mood

Ad. M. Gauci

B. Manilow (b. 1943)                                      Copacabana

(arr. A. Belli)

BrassTubes emerged on the local music scene in 2012, founded by Mark Gauci together with a group of passionate musicians seeking to blend the vibrant sounds of brass with the infectious rhythms of popular music. Originally, the band’s core lineup consisted of a dynamic rhythm section, a talented brass ensemble, and a charismatic singer. From the outset, BrassTubes set out to create a musical experience that transcended genre boundaries, drawing inspiration from classic jazz, swing, pop, rock, and timeless evergreen melodies.

In the years that followed the setting up of the ensemble, BrassTubes quickly garnered attention for their live performances and diverse repertoire. Their ability to seamlessly transition between musical genres captivated audiences, earning them a reputation as one of the most versatile bands on the local musical scene. Specialising in weddings and live concerts, BrassTubes became synonymous with high-energy entertainment, leaving crowds energized and wanting more after each show.

As BrassTubes continued to evolve, they explored new avenues of musical expression while staying true to their roots. Collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different styles, the band is constantly working towards obtaining a unique sound quality which makes BrassTubes different from other local bands. As they entered the new decade, BrassTubes remained as vibrant and dynamic as ever. With a dedicated fan base and a relentless passion for performance, the band continued to thrive in an ever-changing musical landscape. Whether headlining major events or serenading intimate gatherings, BrassTubes is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences to Maltese, Gozitans and foreign audiences.

BrassTubes leaves a legacy of versatility, and sheer musical joy. Their ability sees them blending genres and captivate audiences transcends time, ensuring that their music will continue to entertain both local and foreign audiences. From weddings to concerts, BrassTubes bring people together through the universal language of music, leaving an indelible mark on local music entertainment.