J.C. Bach (1735 – 1782)                                       Quintet no. 2 in G op. 11


G. Cambini (1746 – 1825)                                     Quintet no. 1 in G


                                                                              Quintet no. 2 in C


                                                                               Quintet no. 3 in Bb Major


F. Süssmayr (1766 – 1803)                                   Quintet in D


Bliss Quintet is a newly formed ensemble, with a unique formation of Flute, Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello. This ensemble started out as an advocate of the classical music repertoire, performing for the first time in 2023, at Robert Samut Hall Floriana, as part of the Malta Philharmonic Chamber Music programme. Even though this ensemble specialises in Baroque and classical music repertoire, Bliss Quintet is very versatile and is open to new genres, cross over music and new compositions by upcoming composers, who are interested to compose for this formation. Bliss Quintet is an advocate and a supporter of cultural diplomacy through chamber music and World Music, especially in expressing and exploring people’s identity through World Music.