VIAF 2013

And this is the day!!!

Yes, we are approaching yet another close to the Victoria International Arts Festival – a wonderful experience of five weeks of uninterrupted musical activity. It has been just great, with packed venues, delighted audiences and, of course, world-class performances!

Later on this evening we shall be welcoming the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra which, together with soloists Nathan Schembri Rodgers (treble), Gillian Zammit (soprano), Claire Massa (alto), Cliff Zammit Stevens (tenor) and Nicholas Warden (bass), the Laudate Pueri Choir and the indefatigable and super talented Joseph Vella, will be performing Vella’s new work The ‘Hyland’ Mass op. 130. This is one setting of the Mass with a great difference!! Just come to hear it to unravel the mystery….

Verdi’s Laudi alla Vergine Maria (this being the composer’s 200th anniversary of his birth) will also be performed by the female chorus of the Laudate Pueri Choir, together with Joseph Vella’s Lament for Strings – To the Victims of 9/11 op. 103 and his new Fanfare and Anthem op. 134.

Concert starts at 8pm!