VIAF 2014

And the final debutant’s name is Giovanni Bertolazzi …

Joseph Vella, Artistic Director of VIAF, has just returned from Vicenza, Italy, where he presided over the adjudicating panel of international jurists overseeing the 4th edition of the International Competition Mozart.

In a previous post we announced that Joseph Vella’s works, Ramblings, served as test pieces for the senior category. The overall winner is Giovanni Bertolazzi, a formidable pianist despite his young age. His interpretation of Joseph Vella’s Prelude no. 3 from 6 Preludes for Pianoforte, together with four of Scriabin’s Preludes and Liszt’s Polonaise no. 2 won him first prize not only in the pianoforte category but also the coveted overall award.

As part of the prize, Giovanni has been awarded participation in the Debutants’ Concert during the Victoria International Arts Festival.  

Together with Giovanni, local promising musicians taking part are: Sylvano Mizzi (alto saxophone), Nicole Portelli (pianoforte), and Josef Attard (trombone). Together, these young, talented musicians will perform on Thursday 10 July in the Aula Mgr Giuseppe Farrugia.

Come and cheer them on!