VIAF 2013

A unique combination in Trio Rospigliosi!

Yesterday evening, we were so very pleasantly surprised with a totally unusual ensemble, comprised of Rieko Okuma (Flute), Lapo Vannucci (Guitar) and Luca Torrigiani (Pianoforte).

Although there is such a wide contrast in the instrumental texture, the blend was one which was nothing short of exotic! The silver tones of the flute created such a harmonious rapport with the rippling ones of the guitar, with the piano providing the most steady and sensitive accompaniment to all the pieces.

The programme was as innovative as the ensemble make-up, with works by Giachino, Schwertberger, Gade, Di Fiore, Diabelli, Carulli and De Santis. Moving seamlessly from a Tango to a Fantasia on a Rossini aria, on to a Tarantella, the Trio attested to individual expertise and ensemble playing, one that delighted the audience no end!