VIAF 2014

17th edition of VIAF …

This year’s 17th edition of our Festival augurs a musical bonanza that is as exciting as it is varied. We thought we would give you some statistics –horrible word, but there you are!!

A total of 33 concerts will see more than 400 performers coming over to Gozo from 17 different countries. More than 130 composers will be performed and the  240+ works range from late Mediaeval to the present day. Musicians consist of solos, duos, trios, quartets, quintets, no fewer than 21 chamber ensembles of different formations, 2 choirs, brass bands, and, to top it all, the participation of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, in its full complement, in both the inaugural and the closing concerts on Wednesday 11 June and Monday 14 July respectively. Not counting the instruments played by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, the rest of the musicians will be performing on 25 different instruments, to include the mandolin, accordion and theorbo … Also, the concerts will take place in 7 different venues in Victoria.

Isn’t all this mind-blowing?? Naturally, size is not all. In fact, size simply does not matter when compared with quality. In certain situations, size, when it is huge or even simply big, becomes cumbersome, ungainly, unsightly, unpalatable and oppressive. And when it comes to elegance, finesse, taste and quality VIAF has garnered a reputation for its peerless performances, impeccable organization and exhilarating experiences. It doesn’t get much better …

We will be updating you with more information as it trickles down. Remember, also, that all these concerts are free of charge.  

So, come along and have fun!